Each photography walk and tour has an allocated category, which serves as a general guide for you to assess your suitability. Should you have any concerns about your health or ability to attend any of the Photography Walks and Tours, please consult your doctor/physician.


A – Suited to everyone who can get in/out of a car. Routes chosen where photographs can be taken from beside the car, therefore no walking is required.

B – Routes will remain on tarmac pavements or sturdy paths. Suited to wheelchair users.

C – May have uneven ground that could present problems for wheelchairs or those with mobility issues

D – A significant amount of uneven ground present. Would not be recommended to wheelchair access or those with difficulty walking.

E – The majority of the route will be on rough or uneven ground with mild to moderate hills. Not recommended to those with mobility issues.

F – Mostly uneven ground with a significant amount of moderate hills. Not recommended to those with mobility issues or those with health concerns, which could be exacerbated by walking up hills.

G – Challenging terrain, most likely to contain rough ground and hill climbing.