Your Data

There may be occasions where you have passed some data to me, in electronic, written or oral form. This data may be stored by me, with the intention of using it to improve any service I offer you, or to collect statistics such as website traffic.

I take all precautions to protect your data and I do not share any of your information with other individuals or parties, unless you have agreed otherwise

I aim to be transparent with any data that is collected, allowing you to to be aware how and why it may be used. You have the option not to provide any data that you feel will not be used for reasonable or lawful purposes.

What Data I Collect

The data collected from you will be dependent on the route of collection. For example, for email updates I require only your name and email address, whereas for training courses, workshops I generally require your name, address, contact phone number and email.

This following list includes data that is collected, although not all will apply to you.

  • – Name or company name
  • – Email address
  • – Address/Location
  • – Phone number (landline and/or mobile)
  • – Social Media links
  • – Website or portfolio links
  • – Uploaded images
  • – Language spoken
  • – Details of your transactions on our site
  • – Date when you: signed up
  • – Birthday (if under 18 years of age)
  • – Special requirements (i.e. dietary, mobility, etc.)

Why I Collect Your Data

Your data is collected for several reasons, which vary depending on the route of data collection.

Reasons include:

  • – Record Keeping (such as Course Attendance)
  • – To keep you informed of services you have requested
  • – To keep you informed of training options you have requested
  • – To send a newsletter, if you have subscribed for this option
  • – To analyse/evaluate my services and make improvements

Who Do I Share Your Data With?

I do not directly share your data with anyone. Any data shared via internet, email, SMS may be passed to me via a service provider, outside my control, but you can be assured that I will not pass on your data to anyone without your permission.

My website uses analytical tools, which have access to your IP address. The tools used are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Stat Counter

How I Store Your Data

All electronic data is stored on one or more secured computers in my possession.

Written/documented data is stored in secured folders/cabinets in my home.

How Long I Store Your Data

Your data will be kept until/unless you wish it to be removed from my possession.

Security Breach

I will contact you within 48 hours of discovering any possible security issue where I am aware that your data may have been accessed by another party.

Alterations To This Privacy Policy

I reserve the right to make alterations to this Privacy Policy at any time. All alterations to the Privacy Policy will be displayed on this page.

How To Have Your Data Removed

You have the right to request that I remove/erase any of your stored data. Please contact me at: with any requests or questions relating to this or other Data Protection queries