Review of Saal Digital Photo Book

I had the opportunity to review a photo book, supplied by Saal Digital. I opted for a 26 page, A4 (28cm x 19cm) landscape format with glossy cover and pages.


Designing the Book – The Software

4.9 out of 5

The process began by downloading Saal Digital’s software, which offered many options to design the book’s layout. I could start with a blank canvas, or choose from a wide selection of ready-made templates. I chose a basic template, which is also fully customisable – allowing me to alter the suggested designs, move and resize photos/text and move/add/delete pages. I found it useful to have a wide selection of templates to choose from, which I could then customise to my own requirements.  It took me about 10 minutes to understand all of the options the software had to offer, as it was a little different to use than other software I am familiar with. However, once I grasped how it worked, it was fast to use and well designed. Photos can be dropped in place, moved around and resized quickly and easily. I had not lag issues with the software, despite using large files.

The book design could be saved at any time, and I could save the template, should I wish to use the same one again for another project.

Templates are fully customisable, allowing text and photos to be placed or sized as desired. Full page, edge to edge printing is supported.


Production & Dispatch

5.0 out of 5.0

The turnaround was very fast. My book was printed and dispatched less than 24 hours from me submitting the design. Again communication was excellent. The book arrived safe and sound, thanks to it being well packaged. Packaging was sufficient to prevent damage to the book, without being over-packaged, which I found good for environmental reasons.


The Book

5.0 out of 5.0

The quality of the book and printing are first class. The hard cover is very well made, with a strong and well-constructed spine. The pages appear well held into the cover and have been folded in a way that allows the full page to open flat, rather than bend at the spine.

The pages are beautiful. The glossy finish really makes the photos stand out. I submitted the photos in Adobe RGB and the colour reproduction is excellent. Despite the glossy finish, the pages do not pick up fingerprints as I thought they may have done, which is a nice touch.

Binding: Nicely made hard cover, with strong and well-structured spine

Paper on Pages: Beautiful quality, glossy

Colours: Accurate reproduction and vibrant tones

Black & White: Great contrast and transition between shades



I would highly recommend a photo book from Saal Digital.

Their communication has been excellent, and the quality of the product is very high. Designing the photo book was relatively easy with their supplied software. The software did take a little time to learn to use, but once familiar with it, it was quick and easy to operate.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to my customers, and others looking for a quality and professional product, made to high standards.




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saal digital photo book

Well Made Hard Cover

photo book spine

Strong and Well Constructed Spine

saal digital full page

Full Page Printing

saal digital layout

Fully Customisable Layouts

saal digital monochrome

Great Monochrome Contrast and Transition Between Shades

saal digital colours

Vibrant and Accurate Colour Reproduction

Gary Murison

Gary Murison

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