Gift Vouchers

For Photography & Training Services

Looking for An Unusual Present?

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness
Richard Bach

Can be redeemed for photography or training services

  • A wonderful present for the photography lover

A photography Gift Voucher makes a wonderful and less usual present at Birthdays, Christmas and other Special Occasions.

Gift Vouchers last for one year from the date of presentation and may be used for any photography service or all formal, photography training options.

  • No minimum or maximum purchase
  • Flexible use
  • For all ages
  • Long duration
  • Can be bought for a specific purpose or for a price value

To purchase your voucher now, please get in touch.

No Minimum or Maximum Purchase

Valid for one year


Gift Vouchers are non-refundable

If payment is not cleared/received for any Gift Voucher that has been sent, the Gift Voucher becomes invalid

Gift Vouchers may only be used by the person named on the Gift Voucher and are not transferrable

Gift Vouchers may be used for full or part payment although where the cost is greater than the value of the Gift Voucher, the full value of the Gift Voucher plus payment must be used

Gift Vouchers may only be used by the person named on the Gift Voucher and are not transferrable


Gift Vouchers can be used against any portrait photography service, photography course or workshop

If additional payment is required, the amount will be invoiced at the time of booking

Unless otherwise agreed, cancellation Fees apply at the following rate, and will be deducted from the credit value of the Gift Voucher:

0 - 2 days:: 100% of fee due

3 - 5 days: 50% of fee due

6 - 7 days: 25% of fee due

> 7 days: no fee due


Should the cost be less than the value of the Gift Voucher, a Credit Note for the remaining value will be given

A Credit Note bears the same Terms & Conditions as a Gift Voucher

A Credit Note should be used within the remaining duration period as the original Gift Voucher otherwise it becomes invalid