Pet Portraits


"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language”

Martin Buber

01/ Formal Portraits

A traditional studio style portrait

02/ Informal Portraits

Your pet in a natural habitat

03/ Character

Captruring the character of your loved one

Pet Photo Shoots

What better way to create an everlasting memory of your loved one than with a professional photograph? Whatever species you have, I strive to capture the unique character of your beloved pet. Photo shoots can be arranged for your home or favourite location of your pet, ensuring they will feel more at ease and be in familiar surroundings.


A formal pet portrait has your loved one posed in front of a studio background. I have a large selection of portable backgrounds, allowing the photo shoot to be done at your home.


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An informal portrait has a more candid feel, capturing your loved one in their favourite environment. Perhaps your dog loves running around the beach or your cat enjoys curling up on the sofa.


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No pet too BIG or too small

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Some samples from different pet photo shoots

dog photographer

FormalPet Portrait

location pet photographer

NaturalPet Portrait

reptile portrait photographer

ReptilePet Portrait

creative pet photographer

CreativePet Portrait

people and pet photographer

Special MomentsPet Portrait

horse photographer

EquinePet Portrait


Please get in touch if you have any questions or require any more information about a pet portrait

Ideally, we would arrange the photo shoot for a time of day where your pet is normally more settled, such as after a meal, following a walk, etc. If lighting is used, I would acclimatise your pet to it, which they normally respond very quickly to. Should it be apparent that your pet is distressed or won't settle, we would discuss options, such as postponing the shoot.
Yes, I am finding that the majority of customers now are favouring the option to have electronic copies of the photos. By default, I provide the photos on CD. Other options and print can be arranged as required.
No, you would pay for the session and the required amount of photographs. You can mix and match pets within the photographs. The main criteria is that all of the photographs are taken at the same booked shoot.
I would modify the light use depending on the tolerance of the pet. Continuous lighting or ambient (natural light) can be used for any pet that dislikes a flash or appears to be getting distressed by it.
Yes, that is absolutely fine. The cost is likely to be the same as a Portrait photo shoot, rather than a Pet Portrait photo shoot, reflecting the additional editing time required for people photographs.
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Pet portraits at the convenience of your home or location of choice

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