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Pet Portraits

Your pet has been taken into your home, your heart and your life. What better way to create an everlasting memory than with a professional photograph of your loved one?. No pet too big or too small! Whatever species you have, a photograph is a great way for you to return the love they show you. I strive to capture the unique character of your beloved pet, whether indoors or outdoors at their favourite location. Whatever size or species of your pet, I would be delighted to work with them and create an image you can cherish. A photo shoot can be held indoors or outdoors, and be formal or informal.

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An indoor photo shoot can be organised to have your pet against a photography background, or less formal in the natural background and setting. By coming to your home or indoor location of your choice, it can help your pet to remain relaxed while in a familiar and controllable environment.


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An outdoor photo shoot with your pet in one of their favourite locations can offer a beautiful, natural backdrop to the photos while capturing a different character of your pet as they are having fun and interacting with the landscape. You choose the time of day to best suit the desired images.


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  • Capturing character

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A photograph with your pet offers an excellent opportunity to capture that special bond between you both. Or perhaps you would prefer some action photos, for example, horse jumping or running with your dog. These photo shoots can be indoor or outdoor and at locations of your choice.


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  • Lasting Memories

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Pet Portraits


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Ideally, we would arrange the photo shoot for a time of day where your pet is normally more settled, such as after a meal, following a walk, etc. If lighting is used, I would acclimatise your pet to it, which they normally respond very quickly to. Should it be apparent that your pet is distressed or won't settle, we would discuss options, such as postponing the shoot.

Yes, this is normally achievable for small and medium sized pets, where I would set up a portable studio to get the desired results. Where this is not practical or for larger animals, it is often possible to create a composite photograph, which is an edited image that places your pet against a digital background to give the look of a studio background being used.

It really depends on the style of the photo you wish. For example, if it is informal photos of your daughter riding/jumping on the horse, it would likely be classes as a pet shoot. Whereas a more formal style is likely to be a portrait photo shoot. Each job is priced on it's requirements, therefore once I was aware of these I would be able to give you an accurate costing.

Yes, that would not be a problem and I actually encourage pet photo shoots to be done at your home or a familiar location to your pet. This helps your pet to relax and allows their unique character to shine through.

Yes I can. I out-source any printing to local companies, which give much more choice over sizes, papers, etc. The cost of any prints would be factored into the quote you would receive prior to booking

Yes, absolutely fine. You can mix and match pets within the photos. The main criteria is that all of the photos are taken at the same booked shoot.

I would modify the light use depending on the tolerance of the pet. Continuous lighting or ambient (natural light) can be used for any pet that dislikes a flash or appears to be getting stressed by it.

It very much depends on the pet. It can be from 30 mins to 2 hours. My aim is to provide sufficient good quality images from which you choose the final images and I therefore price for the photo shoot rather than by the hour.

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