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"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see”

Alexandra K. Tenfor

01/ Informal Training

Walks/Tours, Talks & Presentations

02/ Formal Training

Courses, Classes & Workshops

03/ Private Tuition

Bespoke Training to Meet Your Needs

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Informal Training

Photography Walks

Photography Tours

Talks & Presentations

Informal training options offer an excellent way to brush up on your photography skills, while networking with like-minded people.


All options are suitable for beginners and experienced alike and normally follow a themed subject. Accessible routes are available for those with mobility issues.

Formal Training

Evening & Day Classes

Residential Courses


Formal training options allow you to develop your skills as a one-off opportunity or as part of your personal development path.

Training sessions have been developed to promote a principle-based approach, and share a common, underpinning knowledge base.

Private Tuition

One Hour: £contact

Half Day (4 hours): £contact

Full Day (7.5 hours): £contact

One to One, private photography tuition offers a convenient and bespoke training opportunity, where you choose can choose specific topics, allowing you to develop the required skills.


The tuition is delivered at a time, location and duration suitable to you.

Photography Training options are available for all ages


Over 20 Years experience in developing professional training packages


Please get in touch if you have any questions or require any more information about a commercial photo shoot

I adopt a principle-based training methodology as I do not feel that technique-based training is the best learning method. Techniques generally promote more of a copying than a learning opportunity, plus it is a very genetic approach, rather than a person-centred one. Principle-based learning encourages competence and confidence building, understanding and problem-solving skills.
I don't have a cut-off age and would discuss each young applicant with a parent/guardian to establish the appropriateness to attend. On occasion I run training options specific to younger ages groups.
Photography Walks are informal training options, carried out at different locations and offering different subjects. They tend to be around 2 hours in duration, with different options available, offering alternate levels of accessibility.
At present most of these are organised by specific groups (i.e. schools, camera clubs, care support groups, etc.) and with a specific topic in mind. The location is normally arranged by the organiser. They are generally closed groups, although some organisers are happy to invite the public to attend.
The majority of courses and workshop tend to be in the Moray, Grampian and Highland region of Scotland. However, should there be sufficient interest in any area, I am happy to explore the options.
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Private Tuition available at your home or location of choice

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