Residential Photography Courses & TUITION


"No place is boring if you've had a good nights' sleep and have a pocket full of film”

Robert Adams

01/ Luxury

Stay in a beautiful mansion

02/ Educational

20+ years training experience

03/ Valued

Person-centred approach

Your Stay At Blervie House

Blervie House is situated in Rafford, Morayshire, between the cities of Inverness and Aberdeen.


Owned and run by Graham and Sheena, you will receive a friendly and efficient service during your stay.


The course price is fully inclusive of dinner, bed, breakfast and a packed lunch.


For more information and images of Blervie House, please head over to the website

Your Training

With over 20+ years of developing educational training packages, you will receive more than just an experiential course.


A blend of theoretical and practical sessions have been designed to aid your learning and development, and the use of a common underpinning knowledge base allows each course to be taken as a one-off option or be used as part of your personal development path,


Please get in touch for more information.


Private Tuition

In addition to Photography Courses, Residential Private Tuition is available.


This is a great option if you are unable to make any Course dates or wish to work through very specific requirements.


Whether you are already staying at Blervie House, or you would like to book a stay and tuition, please contact me with your requirements.


Private Tuition allows you to choose a location, area or site for practical sessions.

Contact Blervie House to


Current Residential Courses and Workshops





Sunday 30 September 2018

Thursday 4 October 2018 (* see Frequently Asked Questions about additional nights)







New to Photography
A great opportunity for those new to photography. The course has been designed to promote confidence, competence and understanding in using a camera.

Hobbyist/Amateur Photographer
Ideal for those who wish to come away from automatic settings, offering opportunities to develop consistency, accuracy and creativity.

An excellent opportunity to see a corner of Scotland that is less commercial, and return home with interesting photographs of your trip





Sunday Evening
Introductions & Course Aims

Theory - Composition
Practical - Location Work
Evening - Evaluation of Day & Processing Workflow

Theory - Exposure/Light
Practical - Location Work
Evening - Evaluation of Day

Practical - Location Work
Evening - Evaluation of Day

Thursday Morning


A few images from Blervie

blervie house

Residential CourseBlervie House

blervie house

Residential CourseBlervie House

blervie house

Residential CourseBlervie House

blervie house

Residential HouseBlervie House

blervie house

Residential CoursesBlervie House

blervie house

Residential CoursesBlervie House


Please get in touch if you have any questions or require any more information about a pet portrait

Booking can be done via the Blervie House website at any time up to 4 weeks before the start date. Place numbers are limited and early booking is recommended.
I use a range of locations, which are chosen to best suit the learning processes, the group and the weather. These include: landscapes, seascapes, architectural, woodland, wildlife, macro, etc. I gather participant preferences during the Booking process, allowing a plan of most relevant locations to be implemented.
An average day would run from 9am - 5pm, and another session from 7pm - 9pm. Therefore it would be approximately 10 hours of photography related activities/discussion for 3 days. On the day of arrival we would meet for approximately 2 hours in the evening.
This is certainly an option, but will depend on availability of rooms. Contacting Blervie House directly would be the best route of enquiry.
I would look at each request individually and discuss with the parent/guardian.
If you are meaning someone who will come along but not be part of the course, yes, this can be arranged with Blervie House. Please contact Sheena or Graham with your request. An additional cost would apply.
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